My Week in Review

So what’s been a’happenin’ besides the usual walks and long naps?

Car Adventure: Mom and I took the new(ish) car in for its one-year checkup. I suppose they took its temp and looked in its ears, and all. At least that’s what they do to me! So while we were waiting, we walked to a nearby wetlands, which was pretty boring–Mom made me stay on leash. 😦Wetland ducksWe saw lots of ducks (see those behind me? There were a whole lot more further along), but not much more than that.DucksThen a short wait for the car–imagine–they have a room just for that! And cookies too. Mmmmmm20140122_135909The car didn’t have any sickies, so we were on our way home in just a short while.

Cormorants: We went to the river the other day and saw these strange birds called cormorants. We usually see them out on the coast–maybe they were doing some sightseeing…CormorantsI watched them dive into the river and they didn’t come up and they didn’t come up and they didn’t come up. Pshew–they sure can hold their breath a long time!

CormorantsI thought I’d better go out and rescue them. I didn’t want any drowned birds on my paws.A tunnel to the birds

I was trying to be helpful, you know.

Climactic Armageddon and the Tanning Salon: Dad decided to go to a tanning salon and Mom’s been taking him every day. He said he needs to go 44 times so he can have the bestest tan ever! I think he’s just getting ready for the Climactic Armageddon we’re suppose to have this coming weekend, although he said he still had to work on his tan until the end of the month. I have a very important duty while they are gone–to guard the house and keep the kitties in line. Don’t tell them, but I catch up on my zzzzzzz’s and think about the Armageddon.

Mom? Was that one or two snowflakes that’s supposed to fall in Portland this weekend?

I wonder if the Popstar, who is coming for the big event, and I can make a snowball? I practice all the time at ‘catch’!!

I sure hope these little snowdrops survive.


20 thoughts on “My Week in Review

  1. snow drops do good in snow I wondered what they were and mom said “Leave my flowers alone”
    We have at least 3 feet of snow where I live and they are expecting more this weekend. Those birds are cool I would love to bark at them and chase them.Shame they are so far away


  2. I always thought cormorants were seacoast birds too, but then we also saw them on the river one time. It was good of you to try to help them, Sage!
    I hope you get enough snow to make snowball, so you can show off your catching skills to the Popstar!


  3. Hey … we saw the coots or whatever they are too ———- out at Sauvie’s Island! Love HeidiHo the Duck Toller (oh yeah, I think I was digging in one of your holes at the waterfront park yesterday too!!!)


  4. Cormorants are great at holding their breath aren’t they sage and I think perhaps you got a tad side-tracked on the way to your rescue 😉 goodness I hope dad doesn’t end up looking like an oompa loompa at the salon! have a great week Sag and glad the treats were yummy at the car Drs 🙂 hugs Fozziemum xx


    • Well, Dad says his tanning is all internal and isn’t going for the oompa loompa look, although that might be intriguing. Actually, he has cancer and his treatments are radiation, but tanning sounds better!


      • Well I agree then tanning does sound a whole lot better Sage! I was unaware of dads cancer and hope that th salon treatments get the required outcome!! It’s a long trip sweet Sage but the end result hopefully will be a good one!! Hugs Fozziemum xx


  5. WE had a little snow Sage in Tallahassee in our last cold spell!! We had ice on the roads and 3 days of below 32 degrees. Then today it was almost warm 66 degrees!!! Weather!!!!!


  6. We’re supposed to get more snow tomorrow, and I can tell you quite honestly that I am completely over snow at this point! Bring on Spring!

    I hope you have great fun with the Popster!



  7. Hi Yall!

    Don’t worry, spring is just around the corner! I’m just not sure which corner…

    Y’all come by now,
    Hawk aka BrownDog


  8. Sage, I have those silly cormorants here too and they dive under the water and don’t come up for hours, it seems. Such silly birds…trying to scare us like that! I see there was some mud near the banks of the water. Did you not venture in for a roll-a-bout?!?
    Happy Tuesday,


  9. Thats why they call them snowdrops…they should do OK. Those big birds are cool. Mama says she saw one on TV and the Asian fishermen would tie a string around it’s neck and make it go fishing for them…pretty cool and kinda mean at the same time.


  10. It’s lovely to see the snowdrops growing. It seems strange to see you close to the water, yet not wet! I expect your mum thought it would be rude to take mud into that waiting room!


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