Warrior Rock Lighthouse

Mom gets tired of the same ol’ places so when Mr. N’s Mom suggested a hike to a lighthouse on Sauvie Island, she jumped on it! Me? I didn’t care–as long as I can run and have water nearby, I’m happy as a clam. We picked them up and took off for a day of fun!

We started our 3.5 mile trek (that’s one-way, thank you very much) to this lighthouse on the banks of the Columbia River. Racing along the ColumbiaWe quickly realized we couldn’t get there along the beach…probably because it disappeared. 🙂 A quick scramble up the bank took us to a very muddy road…which way to go?

We went that-a-way, and found more mud. But there was no turning back. On we went and eventually the path was a bit drier.

And then…..

There it was!Warrior Rock LighthouseThere’s a lot of interesting history about this lighthouse–you can read it here. I felt like one of those early explorers…who knew what was around the corner?

There’s a bedrock reef (a main reason for this lighthouse) out there in the water–we saw the water eddying around it (sorry, Mom apparently didn’t get the picture)–so we were careful.

exploringMr. ‘dare-devil’ N, explored the water’s edge while I checked out a hole in the rock. Our Moms shared an apple while we continued to explore.Sage & Mr N

And chew a stick…Stick chewing is an art!Or, just look cute!


Soon it was time to head back along the trail. We somehow missed the way back to the beach (and, ultimately, the car), but a quick slide down a cliff got us there.

It was time for a much-needed nap!

23 thoughts on “Warrior Rock Lighthouse

  1. My mom likes your mom! We are not ones that need to be on a regular path and Mom is not afraid to go off road to reach her destination which means we might all end up in the mud like you did. So many humans don’t do that kind of stuff. So glad you have a fun mom like mine to have adventures with!


  2. Hi Y’all!

    Oh I wish I lived there and could go with y’all! It looks like sooooo much FUN!

    Y’all come by now,
    Hawk aka BrownDog


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