Barn Hunt

My sniffer is always on the ground and what I find is sometimes within Mom’s acceptance level and sometimes not. Barn Hunt has been around a while, but we’ve not had the opportunity to try it. So, when it arose, I jumped on it!

Um…that would be the opportunity, not the rat….

What was this all about? Well, we sniffed a ratWhat's that? IMG_7901It’s there! I smell it!

Then we sniffed a tube that either had a rat, stinky rat smells or nothing. That was easy, let me tell you.

We moved to the actual ‘Hunt’. This is what it looks likeIMG_7899Looks like a bunch of hay to me.

Little did I know!

So what do I have to do?

I'm ready!

 Well, the rules are:

You have to go through a hay bale tunnel, jump on top of a hay bale and find the rat. All in 2 minutes. And, when you find the rat, the ‘rat keeper’ takes away the tube and….it’s gone. WHHHAAAATTT??The course

When my turn came, I found the rat. Right off the bat. And it was gone! I tried to see if there were more, but Mom kept saying ‘tunnel’. I jumped on those hay bales, sniffing and sniffing. Time was running out. Tunnel. Tunnel. There has to be another rat–I just know it. Tunnel. Tunnel. 

OK, fine. If it makes you happy. I went through the stupid tunnel and still made it through the course in less than 2 minutes.  I would have been happy to have sniffed another rat…

18 thoughts on “Barn Hunt

  1. Sage, I have always wanted to test out my sniffer and terrierizer abilities in a barn hut! Can you believe there aren’t any barn hunts where I live? What is a terrier to do? I guess I will live vicariously through you!
    Happy Monday!


  2. Looks like fun! I have been thinking about trying barn hunt with Snoopy because he has such a crazy prey drive. Love seeing the pictures from your experience with it!


  3. We recently heard about these things from Bailie’s breeder. I bet Bailie and I would be like you…speedy and no need for the tunnel part! Good work!


  4. You have an A-1 sniffer – better protect it – it could be worth a lot of green papers some day:) We have a blogging pal who has done that same rat hunt, but you were far superior in your speed:)

    Woos -Phantom, Ciara, and Lightning


  5. We tried Earthdog once which is like barn hunt but the dogs navigate man-made underground tunnels. It uses a rat in a box and scent like barn hunt though. It really amped Gretel up and she wouldn’t stop shaking and shrieking for an hour. I decided it wasn’t for us but it was really fun to try it.


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