Council Crest Hike

There are a lot of really great trails right within the Portland metropolitan area, so Mr. N and I decided to take advantage of a beautiful day and go for a hike up to Council Crest Park–about 6.4 miles round trip and 1100 feet elevation gain. At first, Mr. N thought he smelled something and didn’t want to go, but a little encouragement from some of my Papa Psuka treats (dried liver), he was ready to go! (We aren’t reviewing these treats–they’re just plain GOOD)

I’m not too sure about this, Mom

Up the trail we went. It’s always nice to be in the forest–there’s plenty of felled trees to stop and have a photo-op take a rest.

Wanna play?

Wanna play?

Up and up we went, then down a ravine and back up again. Piece of cake–at least that’s what I thought. Mom was thinking about the return trip through that ravine….

We reached the top and WOW. The views were spectacular. If you look hard, that’s Mt. Hood in the background. It had gotten a bit warmer, so Mom put my trusty cooling coat on. She’d soaked it in water and carried it in her backpack just for me!
Sage & Mr. NWe could also see Mount St. Helens (that’s the one that blew its top in 1980) on the left and Mount Adams on the right. Mt St Helens & Mt AdamsJust behind Mount St. Helens is Mt. Rainier–way up near Seattle and 104 miles from where we stood.Mt. Rainier & Mt St HelensAfter checking out all the sceniks, we found a statue of a pioneer woman and her baby. We thought it was pretty cool!

It was time to head back down the trail, with several stops for a bit of log walking.

walking the logand checking out some of the wonderful forest scenes.Along the Trail I was happy!Happy Sage

Mom here: This is the last hike for a while. While doing something stupid (trimming off some low hanging branches off a tree) I had to jump off the falling ladder and tore my ACL and another ligament in my knee. MRI Monday will tell us what the specific damage is. So, with the help of friends, Sage will continue to have adventures in the near future and we’ll be back on the trail as soon as possible. We’ll still be posting and visiting all of you though!

28 thoughts on “Council Crest Hike

  1. Wooowoooooo Sage! This brings up memories when we lived in the PNW and hiked more! Sage Mama, hope you heal up really soon! xoxoxoxox, Ku and the whole pack


  2. Sage-
    That is very pretty up there. My folks are fortunate to work in that view zone every week.
    I get to go sometimes…..not often enough!
    Sorry about your mama’s boo boo. Ladders are scary.Tell your mom to HEAL!!



  3. Oh dear! Hope you heal quickly and are back on the trails soon! I’m glad you at least got a good adventure in beforehand. I just got Barley a cooling coat–a ruffwear one that looks pretty similar to what Sage is wearing (we haven’t had warm enough weather on our hikes to need it yet) and I’ve been wondering about the best way to transport it if I don’t put it on her at the beginning of our hike. Does it stay pretty damp if you wet it before leaving the car and stick it in the backpack?


    • Sage’s coat is a Ruffwear. I wet it before leaving home and put in a zip lock bag in my backpack. Since my backpack is a Camelback, I’ve got ready access to more water and dumped it on the coat and Sage if it starts drying out. I’ve been really happy with the coat. Sage seems quite comfortable with it and it seems to help.


      • Thanks for the info! We always have multiple water bottles in our backpack, but I was hoping that it could be wet before we got out on the trails so we didn’t have to start loading my bag down with even more water 😉 I wasn’t sure Barley would be excited about hers since she hides every time I try to put a harness on her for long car rides, but we’ve put it on dry a few times and she has been her usual wagging, smiling self, so fingers crossed that she still likes it when it’s wet!


  4. What an awesome hike! I bet the view was 10 times better than the pics. Would love to see someday.

    Sage you looked like you were going to jump on Mr. N in that photo on the log! bol!

    Man, what a fall your mom must have had. Hope it just feels worse than what it is. Take care of yourself mom. Sibe vibes coming your way!!


  5. I’m glad you both got in this beautiful hike before Mom got injured. Those views of the mountains are so awesome! Sage looks so happy, and I love reading about your hikes with Mr. N.
    I hope you recover quickly, Mom, and that the MRI shows things are not too bad (though it sounds pretty bad).


  6. Hi Y’all!

    I’ll keep my paws crossed for your Mom. That’s a painful injury she suffered. Guess you’ll be spending most of your time nursing her. Warning, if she reads my post today, tell her to skip the middle section if you’re on nursing duty.

    Y’all hurry on by now!
    Hawk aka BrownDog


  7. Sage, I am so jealous that you get to hike in such a beautiful place! Look at all those mountains. I bet the mountain air smells wonderful. I sure hope your mom’s knee heals up right quick!
    *Cairn cuddles* to you both,


  8. NO, not the mom, OWIE! I was going to say that you be hiking fur the two of us now Sage coz I is laid up after the V-E-T taked lumpy bumpies off of me today. I hope the furrends that be taking you on adventures be taking lots of pictures. I do pawticularly like your mountain pictures. They ofur the top pawsome!


  9. Oh no!!! It was such a happy post – a great hike – lots of fun – and then kaboom. I am so sorry about your knee. I hope that maybe it’s not as bad as you think – the mri will tell all. I am rooting for you to heal in a hurry!


  10. Thank you so much for mentioning our Papa Psuka treats 🙂

    I loved reading this! What an awesome outing.

    Have a wonderful day and thank you again


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