Adopt a Less-Adoptable Pet–Joe Joe

How can anyone resist this face?

His name is Joe Joe and he’s an almost 9-year old Lab mix currently residing at the Oregon Humane Shelter. Here’s what they say about him:

Joe Joe is a sweet older guy looking to share his great personality with a loving family like yours. He loves to go for walks, car rides and of course settle down for some good cuddle time with you. One of Joe Joe’s favorite activities is chasing things, so it is paramount that he goes to a home without goats, chickens, or small children. Also Joe Joe can be a little picky about sharing his home with other dogs and a training consultation is needed prior to his adoption to go over his needs when it comes to other dogs. A medical consultation is also included to explain an old injury on his knee.

I hope he can find a furever home soon!

Petfinders and Blogpaws are doing an amazing thing by promoting this drive to adopt a less-adoptable pet. There are so many dogs in the shelters that are “less-adoptable”. Did you know that 30% of the senior dogs like Joe Joe will NOT be adopted? How sad is that?

Do your part and spread the word–post it on Facebook, Twitter or blog about it if you have a blog. Your help will get these sweet pets like Joe Joe adopted.

If you do write a blog, enter it on either or both of these sites who are both conducting a Blog Hop.

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Cokie the Cat–Powered by Linky Tools

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7 thoughts on “Adopt a Less-Adoptable Pet–Joe Joe

  1. I adopted Abby (an Aussie) when I was 61 & she was 5 wks. I had forgotten how much work Aussie pups are. A senior dog is a good way to go for those of us who are slowing down a bit.


  2. What more could you ask for if you get cuddles? I can understand why you wouldn’t want the animals chasing but I can think of a few kids that a bit chasing would do them good LOL!


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