Wow! I’m Honored!!

Blogging has been so much fun and since those kitties allowed me office space in their my condo, I can work when I need to on the next one! And now I can thank 24 Paws of Love for honoring me with another award.

The rules that came with this award are the following:

  1. Please thank the dog who gave this to you, and link to them.
  2. Name 10 (yes 10) things about yourself. Try to be as creative as possible.
  3. Then, award 15 doggie bloggers. It doesn’t matter whether they are old or new. All furends deserve this.
  4. Comment on the new receivers of this award’s blog to let them know of the love.
  5. And the most important: HAVE FUN!!!

Hmmm. 10 things about ME? That sounds pretty easy.

  • I love water.In The Pool I love water. I love water.
  • I’m a Border Collie-Kelpie mix. At least that’s what Mom & Dad think. I think so too.
  • I need a job and I’m sending out resumes. Computer They all say I’m still too young.
  • I was sued by the kitties because I took over the condo level in the cat tree. And I WON!!
  • Mystic likes me now. Kitty 1 Well, sorta…
  • Sometimes Mom gives me something new, like a bully stick. I hide under the desk, but watch Toby. If he likes it, then it’s OK!
  • I’m trying to dig my way to Croatia so I can sit on the beach Catching Rays with Mom & Dad in a couple of weeks. Mom says I don’t have enough time….
  • I love school! It’s hard work, but I get lots of treats. Mom is taking me to Reed College so I can get my proficiency in recall.
  • I help Mom garden and found all these balls she had buried. She said they were onions……..
  • I’m going to have my picture Snappy taken today. I wonder if I can sit still long enough?

That wasn’t too bad, was it? I’m suppose to pass this along to only 15 of my blog friends. I wish I could give it to everyone!!!

A Gardeners Diary
animal lover, quilt lover
Bark’n About
Brian’s Home
The Blablabs
browndog cbr
An English Shepherd
The Dogs of Greenhill Farm
Marg’s Pets
Murphy’s Law
Opie’s Mom’s Blog
Road Dog Tales
Something Wagging This Way Comes
Tales and Tails
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Thanks again to 24 Paws of Love for this award!!

12 thoughts on “Wow! I’m Honored!!

  1. Congratulations on your terrific award. And thanks so much for passing it on to us. We love the fact that your were sued by the kitties, and you found all the onions. Didn’t those balls smell kind of funny. Good job Sage. You are very busy.
    Hope you have a great day.


  2. Congratulations on the nice award and thanks so much for sharing it with me! I enjoyed you list too. I like to drink water, but that’s about it, so you can have the rest of my water!!!


  3. Hi Sage! Congratulations on the award and thank you for passing it on to us! I think its hilarious that your mom buries balls in the garden… I thought only us dogs do that. Onions….Those are those smelly crunchy balls right? My mom keeps cutting them up. Humans are so destructive. Thanks again for the award! Have a GREAT day!


  4. Sage – Congrats on your bloggie award and thanks so much for awarding us! It was cool to read new stuff about you. We love water, too! We’ll get on our duties real soon. We have a very fluid sense of time though 🙂
    The Road Dogs


  5. Congratulashuns on your award! So, is Croatia closer than China? I ask coz I tried digging to China unner the deck and never did make it. Mom says any day now the deck is going to fall into my hole. But I hasn’t digged in it fur a long time now. I gibbed up.


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