Sir Pantsalot has met the Dragon

Toby here. I have to tell you about the latest battle with my dragon. It’s been a tough fight, let me tell you. Tough, tough, tough. My special vet armed me with a sword slathered with magic potion and my might steed is battle ready, but…..

the dragon was FIERCE

and I got wounded. I felt a little fuzzy headed and couldn’t stand up. I had to have my personal aide help me walk for a bit, but my special vet had a secret weapon that had me back on my feet.The battle isn’t over, that’s for sure. I found out the stupid dragon called in reinforcements! Now I might have to gear up to fight another one.

This one looks pretty fierce, but my special vet says it’ll be a “piece of cake”. Maybe I can just eat it…..

Note from Mom: Toby, who was diagnosed with Cushing’s Disease, reacted a bit too well to the drug, Lysodren, and his cortisol levels dropped too far. He had a course of prednisone and, on the last day of weaning him off, his cortisol levels cratered. Several calls and a visit to the vet specialist, a couple of prednisone and a few anxious hours later, he was able to walk again and finally is eating. There is a potential his adrenal glands were damaged and is now in Addison’s Disease, or some form of it. Since he had good blood work results today, we are pushing onward with another prednisone course to bring his levels back up. He’s got his happy smile back and is following me around as he’s always done. It’s a day at a time, but we are hopeful!

29 thoughts on “Sir Pantsalot has met the Dragon

  1. Vof Toby – bite the dragon – you’ll win the battle! I send you all my magic powder to be strong and get well soon! Your friend Nero
    Ps. All my family sends you healing hugs!


  2. Toby, I am praying for you!!! Sending good vibes!!!!>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
    I surely hope you can beat the dragon.>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
    xx, Fern


  3. Glad you where in time discovering the doses as the culprit. Viva has Cushing’s as well, only we use Vetoryl (trilostane) for medication, but that equally needs the correct doses and she needs to be checked regularly. Hope Toby is soon on his feet again!


  4. You’re doing a great job, Toby, and Mom is really putting in a awesome show of force and support as well! Thinking very good thoughts for you all … I know you’re tough but I don’t want you to have to spend your whole summer break battling!

    -Chandra at Daley’s Dog Years


  5. You’re doing a great job fighting that nasty old dragon, Mr. Toby! What a lot of courages you have! We are praying for you 🙂


    Jackie, Dillon, and family


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