Snakes Alive!

Not only did I get to go to 1000 Acres once, but I got to go TWICE–all in one weekend. The weather was great, so Mom & I took full advantage of it. There must have been a snake convention, because I guess I saw a dozen of the wiggly things.I was a bit curious, but just figured it was just another of those unexplained things out there. I really didn’t think crawling along on the grass or bare dirt sounded like something I’d like to do, so I went off to see some dogs that were coming down the trail. Mom told me the snake, a Northwestern Garter Snake, decided to get all coiled up……maybe it’s panties were in a wad, or something, because I had sniffed it. I wouldn’t know, because I’d given Mom the camera and was long gone. She had her Slogger Boots on and besides, these snakes aren’t poisonous. What’s that, Mom? They can still bite? Glad I was long gone!!!! Come on, Mom, get the lead out!! I want to herd that Beagle over there.

We took a wooded trail and saw the first deer we’ve ever seen out there! Probably the first deer I’ve EVER seen, if I think about it. Mom was too slow with her camera to take a picture though. I was really curious and watched and watched it bouncing through the woods. But I decided it was like those horse things that we see on the trail every now and again. Not my herding style…I was far more interested in finding a mud puddle!


18 thoughts on “Snakes Alive!

  1. Amazing pictures of the snake Sage! I have snakes on my mountain – big ones! Tall person says they are non-poisonous like your ones. De doesn’t like them but tall person does because he kept snakes as pets. I love the muddy picture! Whenever I see mud I think of you! 🙂


  2. The sneks is waking up from their winter naps around here too so we has to watch out fur them coz we do has the poison kinds. I got to swim in green slime yesterday before my chiropractor appointment, hehehehehe.


  3. We would have been barking and chasing! Deer make us cracker crazy and snakes are fun to bark at too.
    You and your mud puddles, Sage! Makes us laugh every time!

    Wyatt and Stanzie


  4. I don’t blame you, snakes are not something I’d like to play with either. I’m not really afraid of the non poisonous ones and have held several myself, but they aren’t too much fun to play with. Again, another adorable picture of you playing in the mud. I’ve never known a doggie that loves mud as much as you do. You have a wonderful mommy to let you go mud holing as often as she does.


  5. Sage, you have the great life there. Ciara and Lightning would just love to come be your mudpals. Thunder would be thrilled with snake hunting. Phantom would probably like to just hang with Toby. How is Toby doing?

    Another great adventure for you.

    Woos – Phantom, Thunder, Ciara and Lightning


  6. Yay – Glad you found your mud puddle buddy!!

    Hope there wasn’t a snake hiding in it – be careful!!

    Glad you got to see a Deer – I like them, we have lots of them here, I see them when I go running in the mornings with Mum and Cosmo – they’re pretty fast…..

    Have fun,

    Your pal Snoopy 🙂


  7. That look’s like a pawesome mud puddle to play in sage and it looks like you where really enjoying getting down and dirty. You saw a snake yikes! My human’s would have heart attack’s if they spotted a snake while they where out for a walk with me. But we have very scary snakes in australia that are not to be messed with. I’m glad the snake you met was a nice one. Smelling that deer must have been very cool too.


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