Am I My Brother’s Keeper?

Sage, that's what they call mountains over there. See?

Someone asked what my role is with Toby now.

First I have to set the stage with how it was when I was a young lass. He was my teacher. He was my rock. I was the pup that needed to learn…and did I ever! He taught me how to play. When I was introduced to something new, like an antler, he showed me it wasn’t something scary. He was (and still is) my cheerleader.

So, what about now? I’m the young adult taking care of an aging parent. I lick the bare spot on his leg. I lick his ears. I correct him when someone comes to the door and he barks. (Unfortunately, Mom says I haven’t gotten that quite right yet. Sometimes I bark too….)

The OP Pack asked how Toby was doing. Well, I think I’ll let him tell you. He’s still a pretty good story-teller.

Toby here: Where do I start? Oh, I remember! It’s quite a tale, beginning with the mites (that would be demodectic mange) a couple of years ago. It turned out my immune system was lousy because of my thyroid.  I kept losing weight and was getting pretty slim. I thought I was fitting into some pretty good skin! But it turned out I had something called Cushing’s Disease. That’s when I met a special vet who gave me magic powders to fight my dragons and Mom was given special powers to knight me Sir Pantsalot of the Round Bowl. 

That fight has been one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. The dragon lair had all these babies in there that started attacking me. And attacking me. My Cushing’s Disease turned into Addison’s Disease and I was given a new sword called prednisone. It’s worked pretty well, but it brought those darn mites back. My feet were itching like all get out.

A new dragon came into the was dubbed spinal myleopathy (kind of a weird name for a dragon, but what the hey). I think that’s the one that’s going to take me down. Some days it’s hard to get up the steps. I don’t go for long walks any more. But, the itchy mites are gone and I’m still getting around. It’s not easy getting old (I’m a tottering 12 1/2 now), that’s for sure and I’ve had my share of dragons to fight!

Well, that’s Toby’s least the short version. And to answer my own question…yes, I’m now my brother’s keeper. Well, sorta.

So, what’s up with me? I’m growing moss. We are going to set an all time record for rainfall this month. Even the mud-puddles are no fun. But, I started Canine Good Citizens classes so that means some darn good treats coming my way! I make sure Toby gets his share too.

19 thoughts on “Am I My Brother’s Keeper?

  1. Sage, you are the best!! Good ole Toby must surely love you for the wonderful sister you are to him. I”m sorry Toby is going through so much, but he still has his sense of humor about it all. Yes, he is getting on in years, but I see that he still has lots of fun living to do with you. I’m excited about your new training coming up. Can’t wait to hear all about it. Now, one thing is curious to me, YOU ARE GETTING TIRED OF ALL THE MUD PUDDLES???? I thought that would never happen, do you think it’s because mommy is a wee bit tired of all the rain, including the mud puddles? I wouldn’t blame her in the least. Take care Sage and give Toby a big kiss from me.


  2. Gosh Sage…that Toby is some Dude!!! And quite a great talent for storytelling!!! What a great master to have learned under…no
    wonder you a great pair!!! And what devotion I can tell you share. What a gift to have a friendship like yours.
    My mom sometimes talks of me needing to have a buddy to share my space with but not sure if I could be so unselfish to share the attention I get. But then again…
    Yeah this rain is the PITTS….when we go out to 1000 acres there is NO ONE even there so my mom says its not even worth the effort to go. I don’t agree tho cuz I can still DIG…but don’t get much exercise ;o(
    Those classes sound swell!!! Need to hear more about those!
    Sure miss ya buddy…but summer is next!!!
    Keep takin good care of Toby and those felines!
    With care, Bentley


  3. Toby we have always kept our paws crossed for you and haven’t stopped thinking about you. Such a beautiful boy who sounds like he got the raw end of the deal. We are so glad for your loving family and for Sage taking care of you. So glad to hear from you.


  4. Sage, your such a good dog to look after Toby when he really needs your help and affection. What a sweet girl you are. Your future is full of many wonderful mud puddles for sure! Best wishes for you GCS classes. Hugs to you both!


  5. Thanks for the “filling in” of your bestest buddy ever…My Sister Jessie”way before” though she passed away with Cushing’s Disease…so very hard to watch…any disease is…you deserve a huge huggaroo, Sage..yep you do! Hhhhhhhuuuuuuuuuugggggggg! There feel it!?


  6. Thanks for the update on Toby, we think about him often as our Angel Dakota battled Cushing’s too. Mom says she remembers that the treatment for Cushing’s often runs the risk of going to the opposite end of the spectrum with Addison’s. It seems so unfair that elder pups should have to have such a hard time as seniors. Sage, we are so proud of you for being such a good little sister. Hugs to Toby, we hope you have many good days ahead of you.

    Woos – Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning


  7. Hi Sage and Toby! I’m happy to hear that Toby is well even have that difficult fight. You Sage are such a sweet sister, taking care of him! Hugs and kisses! Teje & Nero


  8. Toby, what an incredibly beautiful boy you are. I’m sorry you’ve been fighting so much, but I’m really glad you have your gorgeous Sage to keep you company and give you loves. Sending you both kisses for the top of your fuzzy little heads and snuggles from Bubba, Bella & Beary. x


  9. Hey Sage

    I’m sending big wags and hugs for your Toby, he’s such a brave guy!! I know you’re doing a great job of looking after him and I’m sure he loves it when you give him a lick – give him an extra one from me buddy 🙂

    Your pal Snoopy 🙂


  10. Dear Toby, thank you for telling us your story. It sounds like there’s a lot of fighting involved. I havent met any dragons yet. They sound awful. I bet you must be tired. Lucky Sage is there to look after you. I had to look after Mr T too, before he went off on his Biggest Adventure.

    Make sure you get your share of those treats, okay? I sometimes moved faster than Mr T so probably got more treats than he did. Oops. Well, it’s hard being good all the time.

    Have a great week. Big hugs, Georgia x


  11. I had a whole commenty writtened out then WordPress made me log in and I furgotted by passwerd and by the time it woz reset and I logged in WordPress had nommed my commenty and I cannot rememmer wot I writed now. Grrrrr. (Your bloggie be the only WordPress one wot keeps making me log in, udders don’t do that.)


  12. Hi Y’all,

    Licks, hugs and lots of paw power to Toby. It broke my heart to hear how tough life is for Toby right now. Stay strong Sage.

    Good luck with your CGC classes! I’ll be rootin’ for you Sage!

    Y’all come by now,
    Hawk aka BrownDog


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