Sorta WW: Wind & Mud Equal…?

Somehow, I, a working dog, find prey very interesting–especially these elusive field mice that are all over the place at 1000 Acres. Even with the wind blowing my tail feathers backwards, I’m able to get my snotter far into a tunnel. But, it’s very hard work so
Digging in the wind

Guess what?!?!?Into the mudMud is never far away this time of year and I cool down!! (Note the wind is still blowing really hard–it helps dry the mud on my furs)

The creature from the mud lagoon....

Pretending I’m the creature from the black mud lagoon….

And all that leads to what wind and mud equal

^Hosing offDid you notice the faucet? I now get a warm hose off! Even in freezing weather.

Thanks, Mom. 🙂

24 thoughts on “Sorta WW: Wind & Mud Equal…?

  1. I’ve never seen a warm water knob for the outdoor hose! No matter, here it is too cold, the outside water is off so the pipes don’t freeze. I will be looking for dirty puddles to march through so the mud freezes on my belly fur. That is just as much fun because it defrosts slowly and drips around the house if Mom forgets to detain me 🙂


  2. Yes Sage dogs do love their critters!!! Showers –not so much!!!!! We had a warm shower for our dogs outside too!!
    Thanks for your visit!


  3. I love to hunt prey too and love to dig (been digging up ma’s back garden…she is not too happy). However, I know to stay away from the mud, if not by experience than surely by reading about all the times you must get a b-a-t-h Sage. BOL
    *Cairn cuddles*


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