Cuzzin Peeka

I have to tell you a little more about my cuzzins today. But before that, guess what? My MOM called me on the telephone yesterday. That was my very first phone call–can you believe it? She sang “Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday my sweet Sage, Happy Birthday to you”. I was so excited I was checking my petsitter’s ear to see if Mom was stuck inside her head! I can’t wait until they get home…

So, let me tell you about Peeka. Even though Peeka is a C-A-T, I like cats. Sometimes they don’t like me though, because I want to play, play, play. I think they have another idea of play. What’s up with that? I think they are a little bit crazy.

Peeka has been visiting Dexter and Chessie and likes to hang out on the bed.

OK, Auntie, I just want to PLAY! Don’t I look like an angel?

Pee Ess: I forgot to tell you something! I’m having a big birthday party as soon as Mom & Dad come home! She said so! AND she has a TON of presents. AND we are going some place special! She wouldn’t tell me, so I guess I’ll just have to wait a couple more days….

13 thoughts on “Cuzzin Peeka

  1. Nice pics!

    Do you know what? Because I’m a nice person, and I want people/dogs to be happy, I’ve been thinkin’ of URLs that would suit you on blogger that aren’t taken:

    My fave is the first, just a simple “s” added.

    I moved from blogger to wordpress… and back. WordPress is just too limiting.


  2. Oh – and another thing. I still use wordpress a bit, to write my blog posts. It’s a better editor. Blogger isn’t all good…


  3. Wow you have a cuzzin that’s a cat! I don’t have any cuzzins that I know of. I wish you were my cuzzin. I like to play too Sage! I’m small but I’m mighty. We could have a lot of fun with the squirrels — and not just because you’re so big and could scare them a whole lot. That makes me smile a lot!

    Happy Birthday. My birthday is December 12! I’ll be one year old! Grandma and Grandpa said they might come back to town for my birthday!

    Grandma will probably send a present.

    I wish I coluld send you a bully stick or two!

    Happy Birthday Sage!

    Your Pal



  4. WOW! Look at me! I’m famous and for once I didn’t have to share with my sister Ally! I would have looked lots mo’ gorg-E-T-mouse if I had been on the blue blanket. But Auntie thought I looked real pretty on the quilt too.

    But don’t you let Dexter kid you for one minute – he’s no angel and you’re getting that straight from the horse’s, err, kitty’s mouth.


  5. Hope your party is just awesome! I can’t wait to hear all about it.

    You do look like an angel and I’m sure you would play very nicely with Peeka if given half a chance. 😉


  6. Hi Sage,
    I just wanted to swing by and say I hope you had a wonderful Birthday! That is so sweet that your mom called you and sang to you on the phone. I would love that.


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