Not So Muddy Monday

As weekends go, this one wasn’t too bad! Did I ever tell you Mom won’t give me a stuffie? I guess it’s because I destroyed all the ones they gave me when I was a puppy. And then I ate the end of one of Maggie’s favorite toys (we called it T-Bone, but it didn’t taste like one) and had I to go to the emergency vet. So, I was really surprised when Mom brought home Racoon!
It’s a stuffless stuffie, whatever that means. I don’t care WHAT they call it, it’s almost as good as a ball. Now, you need to notice I said “almost”. But, it’s been 24 hours and my new non-stuffie is still intact! Pretty good, huh?

We’ve had some pretty nice weather here in the Pacific Northwest, and Sunday was no exception. I thought that called for a trip to my favorite mud-hole place in the whole world–1000 Acres. (Oh, right.Ā  What else is new?) But this time my very first BFFs in the whole world went too (that would be Toby II and Macy)! I was SOOOOOO excited. We raced and raced and, then, there it was…my favorite mud hole.

I hope you notice there’s not much water. Geez, what’s a dog to do?


I rolled in the grass and dirt just to see if I could add a bit more…what’s with this drying up mud business? Do I need to learn how to do a rain dance? I think I have a spot of mud on my nose.

Can’t have that–a girl has to keep up her appearances. At least that’s what I think! A trip to the nearby pond got most of the mud off, so on we went!

My buddy Toby II is out there waiting for me. I heard him say: “Get a move on, Sage! Let’s run.” Darn, that ball was just too interesting. Sorry, Toby II–catch you on the bounce!

Hope you had a good weekend. I sure did!

32 thoughts on “Not So Muddy Monday

  1. ha ha ha! i don’t know how “not-so-muddy” this is! looks pretty muddy to me. šŸ™‚

    desmond’s the same way with toys. balls are #1 but stuffies are a close #2.


  2. Oh Sage, you really love your mud! You are such a happy girl, I can tell by your pictures. Enjoy your stuffless stuffy, but keep in intact so your mommy will buy you more!


  3. Have you SEEN what I do to stuffies? And I am allowed to do it. In fact, Mommy encourages me to do it! I guess the difference is, I don’t eat it. I just leave it on the floor for Mommy to step over.

    I have one of those stuffies too. Mine does not look quite that good, but believe it or not, it is close.

    Happy Monday!


  4. Hey Sage,

    Despite not having much rain you sure seemed to get pretty muddy!! Tee Hee

    That Racoon looks cool, glad to see you’re playing nicely with your toys, it’s so much more fun if you’re good to them cos you can play with them day after day!! Yay!! šŸ™‚

    Have fun,

    Your pal Snoopy šŸ™‚


  5. Hey Sage, Jet here.

    Mom loved your post, especially the pictures. I believe she told me that way back when, I might have done something similar. Mom said I trotted right into this thing called a bog. After splashing, rolling and getting stinky, she had me follow her and my sister, Koko, to the little pond for a rinse!

    What a great day, wish I could have joined you.


  6. Good job keeping your stuffie all in one piece! Uhm, I think you missed a spot on your back…I didn’t see any mud there….I thinks you should go back and roll around some more!!! BOL!!


  7. Sweet Sage we are happy for you that you at least found a little mud to roll in. Oh, those stuffless critters are great…we have several of those around here. We are glad you are keeping your intact and enjoying it. Hugs and nose kisses


  8. Humans pay lots of money for mud wraps to get beautiful skin. So you must have the most beautiful skin and fur…and you make your own mud wraps/rolls. Maybe you could market your mud to others?
    I would definitely be interested.


  9. My Newfs Lexie & Mica love to walk in the mud and dig, so glad they don’t want to roll. My carpet is always full of muddy footprints. Luckily they sweep up pretty well after they dry. But you really look like your having a great time Sage šŸ™‚


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