It’s been a bit boring….

Yes, I have to admit it. I was so bored this week with all the rain and Mom going here and there that I had to make my own race course in the house. And, I’ve played a lot with Raccoon. Yes, it’s still in one piece–well, sorta. I chewed off one of the squeekers (I don’t like them very much). Then, we started playing a new game called “find it”….at least it’s sorta new for me. That was fun and I got to find some really good treats.

Toby was able to play that game with me…he can’t do much anymore. We go for a walk every day, but he can only go around a block or so before he starts dragging behind. Sometimes he falls in the house…I run over to help him, but he tells me not to. (I think he’s trying to be too macho, but Mom says it’s OK, so I guess he can be macho if he wants.)

Thailing loves him and is always giving him head rubs. She doesn’t love me like that…maybe it’s because I chase her?

It’s suppose to be nice today, so I’m campaigning for some ball chasing.

Mommmmmm! Can we go play ball? Please, please, please????

17 thoughts on “It’s been a bit boring….

  1. Vof Sage! I’m happy to see Toby and Thailing! They look so cosy lying there together! But I feel also sad because Toby can’t play and run anymore so much with you – it’s so hard to get old.
    Hugs and kisses! x Nero


  2. Hugs to Toby from all of us – we hope he is doing OK.

    We had a very sunny day here, but it was really cold – our kind of weather. AND we might see some snow on Monday.

    Woos – Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning


  3. Poor Toby. My Dixie be doing the same things. She falls all the time too. But then she can fly up on mom’s bed. Go figger. Nice job on the squeakerectomy. I is sure you pawformed that procedure with the same surgical precision as me.


  4. Dear Toby, please take care of yourself. It’s okay to let Sage help you. I used to help Mr T and snuggle him when he was down. I think he liked it though he never said anything. You might like it too. Big hug, Georgia x


  5. Hey Sage,

    Glad to hear Racoon is still in one piece, well I guess technically it’s in 2 pieces, but at least you can still play with it buddy and that’s what counts!!

    I hope your good weather comes soon, we’ve got rain as I type, yep rain!! It’s rare this winter, but I got out for my run this morning when it wasn’t raining, phew!!

    Have a fun day

    Your pal Snoopy 🙂


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