As promised-My Boxing Day Adventure

Mom’s sis is visiting from Texas, so we took her along on my adventure. Or was that the other way around? Either way…we went. 🙂

Our first stop was a cemetery—what was that all about??? Well, Mom & her sis’ great-grandparents are buried there and Mom was born on their great-grandmother’s birthday and her sis was born on their great-grandfather’s birthday. Weird, huh?Mom's GG-fatherThey packed me in the car and we took a looooong ride out the Columbia Gorge–sis had never been there. Our first stop was Multnomah Falls. There’s been so much rain that a second waterfall appeared.

I thought that was pretty cool!

And on we went–all the way out to Hood River (about 60 miles east of Portland). I took a nap.

Fortunately we didn’t run into any snow, although it was up there in the hills.

Once we got there, they left me in the car with a couple of dehydrated chicken hearts while they ate pizza. Doesn’t sound fair, does it? Hood River

But there was a really good end to my adventure.A romp at 1000 Acres A little foot wettingAnd I didn’t even have to get a bath!A treat? For me?Treat, please?

Hiking to Triple Falls

Hikes in the Columbia Gorge are some of the best, so Mr. N and I took advantage of cooler, drier weather and set off to Triple Falls.  But first a stop at 1000 Acres for a bit of water play.River playSince our ultimate destination was near Multnomah Falls, a stop at the Lodge for a bite of lunch was in order (we got a treat or two while the Moms ate). And, of course, we had to have a photo-op at the falls! We were on our best behavior and some of the tourists were ooohing and ahhing over us. 😀 Multnomah Falls

Then off to the trailhead. Our hike has finally begun!Triple Falls trailhead

This was one of the rockiest trails we’ve been on–I’m sure glad I have the footing of a goat! Mom had to pick her way over those rocks so she didn’t damage her knee again.A rocky trailThen we came to a washed out section of the trail that included these rather steep log steps. Coming back down, I was very careful to stay with Mom and not try to race down the steps. Some other hikers coming behind us said I was a very good dog. log stepsWe finally reached our destination–well worth the climb (elevation gain of 762 feet)!

Sage & Mr. N on the trail

So, what do you want to do next, Mr. N?

Cold? Who’s Cold??

Certainly not me, although Mom begs to differ. It’s been wondrously cold–I mean below freezing cold–for almost a week now. And that’s during the day. So, I’ve been going a bit stir-crazy and it’s all Mom’s fault. She’s the one who took the car keys away from me. And it was all because I went in the river to cool down after a rousing game of ball.

So let me tell you my side of the story. I was BORED–I mean crazy bored–so Mom took me to play ball. It was a balmy 27° F (-3° C) and I heard: Don’t go to the river! So I did. I was hotter than a pistol (or so they say) and it was so refreshing. Except that Mom took me right back to the car. My furs felt a little heavy for some reason. We went home and Mom rubbed and rubbed my furs. All that heavy water went away and I was refreshed. I just don’t understand why she won’t take me back….

Mom: Never fear, Sage was perfectly fine, although a bit icy, but only on her fur. She does love winter, even with no snow. 

Mom didn’t take one photo of my funny feeling fur, but there’s ice all over the place. Just not on me any more….

Just so you believe me, Mom’s son and DIL went hiking yesterday up in the Columbia Gorge and took this amazing photo of Multnomah Falls.Multnomah Falls 12-8-13

I was glad my furs weren’t that frozen!!