The Penthouse was Taken…

..but the view was still good. I’m beginning to think that things are getting better between Mystic and me. This cat tree has always been the exclusive kitty domain. But, why, I asked? Mystic had the penthouse and no one was occupying the lower hammock. And it’s just my size! So, I took it. And Mystic didn’t care.

I can see better from here!

Nap time

I'm getting sleepy

Huh? What did you say, Mom? It’s time for a Blog Hop! I’ll wake up for that.

If you haven’t already joined it, click on the Pet Blogger Hop box below and have fun! I know I will!

18 thoughts on “The Penthouse was Taken…

  1. We came here via BlogHop and are so happy we did! In my limited experience with cats (I lost my 22 year old Maine Coon brother earlier this year), I learned that it was best to let him have his way, while the rest of us just snuck around him (he had a tendency to smack unsuspecting puppies who came in too close). It worked for everyone!

    *kissey face*
    -Fiona and Abby the Mutant Alien Pod Puppy


  2. Hi Sage!!!

    Thanks so much for stopping by my bloggie!!! I Love your BLOG!!!! Aww that looks like a comfy spot you’ve got there!! You are a super Adorable Puppy Sage!!!!!!! I’ll be coming by often to see what you’re up to cutie pie!!! Take care and I hope you have a wonderful weekend!!!!!

    Hugs, Lauren and the fuzzies


  3. Now that is very clever, Sage, to call the top of the cat tree a penthouse! I agree that the lower apartment is a purrfect fit for you and I love that the 2 of you can live in the condo harmony!
    I am here from the blog hop too and I am your newest RSS feed subscriber! Come take a look at my life as a professional pet sitter…meet our newest 4 legged clients and introduce yourself!


  4. Awww! That’s a very sweet photo – thanks for stopping by my blog through the Blog Hop. Oh, and I read about Sage’s adventures in pantry surfing – yikes, how many ways can puppies scare the sense out of us! Have a great Sunday:)


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