Kelley Point Park

We ventured out to a new park (for us) this week. There are some pretty high standards I look for in places to visit–specifically, a water source and somewhere to play and hike. Not too hard to fulfill where we live, but those are MY standards. Mom? She was just bored with where we normally go.

Kelley Point Park, one of the many parks maintained by the city, is right here in Portland. And water? Imagine the Willamette River meeting the Columbia River.  That’s a LOT of water!

Willamette and Columbia Rivers

Willamette and Columbia River confluence–Sauvie Island is to the left.

OMD, I was in doggy heaven and I guess those fishermen were in fish heaven out there on the river.

We found a beach and I had a most satisfying roll in some very fine sand.

Then a swim in the mighty Columbia.

Somehow all that sand fell out of my furs.

All in all, we thought it was a very fine park–four paws up! It’s a bit far from our house, but that’s okay for an adventure every once in a while.

The Smith and Bybee Lakes Wetland Park was just down the road a piece, a place we’ll save for another day.

But look what we found.

Tree snags

Tree snags

Someone was very creative!