Here’s What’s Been Happenin’

As you know, I’ve been amongst the missing the past couple of weeks. BUT, Mom and I are going to work really hard at letting you know what we’ve doing.  And come see everyone.

First there was Christmas. Guarding the stockings

We had a house full of peeps–even little PopStar was here. Mom put me in charge of guarding the stockings on that all important day. It’s a serious job…someone’s gotta do it. Right? And I didn’t even peek!!

The PopStar and I had a lot of fun. I found she likes mud puddles almost as much as I do!Poppy & SageShe doesn’t go to the extremes that I do, though. Take today, for example. We’ve been in a deep-freeze for the last week (all I got was a few measly walks each day). So, today was the day! It was a balmy 39° F (4° C). Off we went to 1000 Acres. There was all this hard stuff on top of the water, but…Sage (that’s me) to the rescue. I struck water!!Where's the water? Later on down the path, someone had already cleared off that hard stuff. Into the icy puddle

Well, mostly.

It was a fun trip, but I couldn’t tell you about it all at once. So, come back!!

Here’s the Truth

Contemplation is a serious business. There were a lot of things mulling around in my head…I know a lot of you wondered what it could be.

It wasn’t the duck that I thought I could out-swimI'll race you!Or those goslings trailing after their parentsGoslings and their parentsBoy, did they let me know I’d better stay away!

Or the squirrel in my yard that forever taunts me.My nemisisOr, even Mr. N, who challenged me to a game of Dog Trubble. Sage & Mr. NI thought Finder would be a better fit….

No, it was becauseThe BarkMom was gone.

To visit the Popstar.

But, then she came home!

I was soooooo happy.

This was my today.ball catching

Toddler on the Go

Do you know how Mom calls her granddaughter ‘Popstar’? Well, I just found out she really is a star. 

We love kissing!

We love kissing!

Her Mom writes/edits/produces cookbooks and her latestBaby & Toddler on the Gois available for pre-order on Amazon and will be out the end of this month. Poppy was the happy tester for all the recipes and consequently eats everything her Mom makes for her. I got to sample some of it and, let me tell you, it was GOOD stuff.

If you have a few minutes, be sure to watch what made Poppy a star. She absolutely loved making this video and even threw in a few unannounced dance moves as she walks up the street!