Digging Lessons

While at the river, I met a really nice Golden named Bear. I was minding my own business, but Bear wanted to play. It requires a lot of concentration to dig the perfect hole, so I didn’t pay much attention to him. Bear chose another strategy. Here’s how it went:

Bear: If I can’t get you to play, Sage, I might as well join you in the hole digging game. I’ll dig up here.

Digging dogsBear: Uh, Sage. Why isn’t my hole getting big like yours?

Sage: Well, if you want a proper hole, that sand has to fly! Would you like a lesson?

Bear: Wow! YES. Where should I stand?

The meet

Sage: You might want to get on the other side of me. :D

Bear: It looks like you work close to the shoreline and let your hole fill with water. Why is that?Watching the masterSage: The smells are better down here–not sure what it is, but it seems a bit fishy.  And water’s good when you get hot from all that digging. Did you know I like mud puddles?a mud puddleBear: That has to be one of the best holes yet. I can’t wait to work on one of my very own! Thanks for the lesson, Sage.The final masterpiece

A Trip to the Tulip Farm

There’s a farm south of here that’s full of tulips.A field of tulips

And every year they have a tulip festival–a rainbow of color as far as we could see! It was a warm day and Mom knew a mud puddle wasn’t in my future (even though I saw some…). With my cooling coat on and some water to drink, I wasn’t feeling overheated.

So much exploring to do. Where should Mr. N and I start? We walked row after row after row of tulips until we found a tractor to ride!IMG_7942

You drive, Mr. NIMG_7940I’ll navigate.

A short rest on a nearby benchA sea of tulipsand we were ready for more!

Buckets of tulips

Soon it was time to go home, but not before visiting one of the many windmills at the farm.Windmill at Tulip Farm

We had a lot of fun and are looking forward to our next adventure!

The Plant Sniffer

I love going to the nursery with Mom. Plant sniffing is an art and I have become quite adept at picking out just the right ones. Sometimes that’s hard because we have several VERY large trees around our house and sunny spots are limited.  And most nurseries near us cater to lots and lots of sun-loving plants (don’t they know we live in Portland?). So, off we went to find some woodland and native plants. Our first stop was Bosky Dell Natives.Happy me!Let me tell you…I was one happy dog! Trilliums were EVERYWHERE.TrilliumThis is a pretty common variety–Trillium ovatum (Wake Robin). Mom already has two in her woodlands garden, but wanted more. I scented out a perfect one that will complement what she has, but this one (a Trillium kurabayashii) was not for sale. We settled on a lesser variety, but will be on the lookout for this one! Trillium kurabayashii As we checked out the nursery, I found some grasses intermixed in some of the plants–my sniffer was on double-duty!There's some grass!

And I found some deer nesting among some ferns.Nesting deer

They were pretty small deer so I didn’t tarry long at this spot. We ended up adding the trillium, some Miner’s Lettuce and Wild Ginger to our garden. They’re not only purty, but are also edible. I’ll let Mom & Dad try them first. :D

Our last stop was the Trillium Festival at Tryon State Park where Mom picked up another Trillium variety. We are definitely going back for a hike, so stay tuned! It’ll be soon.

Happy is ME!

Rain, rain, rain. That’s all it did last week and I think my toesies were growing webs. But on further inspection, all I found was hair…  :)My toesThe lack of serious exercise was wearing on me and a trip to the river yesterday was just the ticket. I didn’t care that it was flooded. In the riverThose trees out there in the water were perfect for a good back scratch!That feels good!I was one happy dog!Happy Sage