In a Fog

It’s been HOT in Portland, so off to the beach we went. Only to get there to find it was so cold and foggy we couldn’t even see the ocean!

‘What’s up with that’ I say?

Not to be deterred, the intrepid duo (that would be Mr. N and me) took off anyway–running, of course. After all, adventures can be made in any kind of weather. Sage & Mr. N running



We met another hearty soul and my herding genes kicked in. I knew they couldn’t lose me in this silly ol’ fog! Running on the beach

Of course, that heated me up (who said it was cold??) and was I ever happy to find a streamlet flowing down to the ocean. Mr. N said I was nuts… Cooling downResting on a stumpBut, after I found a ball. I said ‘who’s nuts now?’ After all, balls are next best to just about anything!

Mr. N thought it was HIS precious.      WHAT??

playing ballI’m such a push-over for him.


My Really Bad Poem

I told Mom we had to write a B..A..D poem.

Why, she said.

Well…because Oz said so.

I banged out something on Mom’s puter and here it is–in all it’s badness.

I’m hot

(And I know you’re not.)

There is that sun

Shining down where I run.

Where is the water?

I continue to run.

My tongue hangs out

My nose seeks out…


I lap from the bowl

But know I need more.

I can sense

The river is near.

I look to my Mom

She says to go on

The river is near.

My tummy is wet

The river is cool.


And now I’m not hot!

That’s it, folks. What can I say???


Sticks, Sticks and More Sticks!

Always eager for adventure, a day at the river with Mr. N and Mort of Dogthusiast was filled with sticks and mischief. I’m always up for a game of stick–especially if it’s thrown into the river! Sage

Fetch and swimming go together, at least that’s what I say. Bringing back a stick

I got back to the river bank and who was waiting for me? None other than my bud, Mr. N–eager to do a little stick-stealing.  Coming ashore

And of course, I let him.Here you are, Mr. N!

He was all into it–and got a bit muddy in the process. :DA good game of tugMeanwhile, Mort found a stick of his own.

Let's see you throw this one!

Let’s see you throw this one!

 He didn’t get any takers, so I challenged him to a game of chase.Mort & SageI was a blur….

And we had fun!

Sleepover, Doggie Style

Mr. N and I had quite a conversation about where he’d sleep while here, so I took him on a tour. The first stop was the hammock in the back yard.Mr. N on the hammockWhile comfy (or so Mom says), I vetoed it. Even with his blankie supporting him, it wasn’t a good place to sleep. Who knows what night critters are around–I know I’d be skeered!

Continuing on, we moved inside. Mr. N likes to cuddle so I had to consider the options. Certainly the kitchen and living room were out. No one slept there. The kitties were in hiding, so they weren’t any help. They don’t even cuddle with me (as if…).

Mr. N checked out the bathroom, but I told him in no uncertain terms he couldn’t sleep in my special spot. Sage in the tub So we moved on to the bedroom where Mom and Dad sleep. Mr. N thought this was it! I’ll take it, he said. Your ol’ tub is too hard for me anyway, Sage.

Mr. N on the bed

So, that was settled. Mr. N had a good night and so did I!Sage in the tubAnd, yes, I sleep in there every night. For now…

A Doggy Sleepover-Part 1

I hear a knock on the door and quickly go answer it. (I love answering the door because it’s always someone I want to greet and sniff.) This time it’s Mr. N and his Mom! With his blanket.

What does this mean? Mom quickly explained that Mr. N was spending the night with us.


Not prepared, I quickly run to find my “How to be a Good Dog-Hostess” book. I didn’t want Mr. N to think I didn’t know proper dog etiquette. After all…..

At first, Mr. N wasn’t too sure why he was being left. I know how he feels–I’ve had bouts of separation anxiety in the past. Hmmmm, what does my book say?

Mr. N

Where’s Mom?

First, I took him aside and assured him we were going to have F..U..N!Sage & Mr. N

Then, off for a walk.Sage & Mr. NAfter all, there is a whole new world out there for Mr. N to explore and leave his mark! Afterwards a quick romp and a nap did the trick–Mr. N found Dad’s lap very comfy.Mr. NSleeping arrangements were the next order of business (it took up a whole chapter in my etiquette book). We had to find just the right spot. That took a little while to figure out, so come back tomorrow and see how that turned out!