Stormy Dreams

It’s been raining for days here in the Pacific NW, but it seems like forever in dog years. I look out the window and stare wistfully at the street. Day 4 of rainI bet you’re saying: Sage, you LOVE water. What’s up? Well, you know, it has to be on my terms. I’m a true Oregon dog–mud and water–but this stuff falling from the sky, day after day, gets me all confuserated–how am I supposed to swim in it? There’s puddles, that’s for sure, but I only get in them after running and running and running and getting H..O..T. We’ve managed to get a few walks in, but you know me! It’s NOT enough.Rain, rainSo, I dreamed of my last trip to the coast–just a few days ago–before the rain. I usually go with Mom’s friend’s pack–Toby, Heidi and Macy. But we added more-a pack of 6! Notice who’s the smallest :). How much fun was that? (LOTS)The whole gang

It starts with a race across the sands. Heidi watches as I zoom by.Racing across the sandThen a little surf timeFun in the surf

I love running out and cooling down in the water!

Reflecting clouds

You already know I found a sand dollar or two. After a rousing game of sand dollar frisbee, we stopped to take a rest. I sorta got covered with sand, but I don’t know how that happened…Sandy Sage

Heidi rested a little bit differently than I. Heidi taking a rest

She’s my newest BFF–I even taught her some of the finer points of herding and she now does a pretty good job of the initial crouch. Interestingly, some of the Saint Bernard’s ancestral roots are Swiss herding dogs, even though they were bred for rescue. 

But as all dreams go, they come to an end…

Sage: Is it EVER going to stop raining?

Mom: It will, but not before I have to leave you for a week.

Sage: WHAT? My dream just turned into a nightmare!

Mom: I know, I know. You’ll be fine, though. Your pack will be around and you’ll be well taken care of by your Dad and your favorite pet-sitter. And besides, I’m going to take care of the Popstar. She talks about her ‘Sagie’ all the time. And you know I’ll send you pictures! AND, we’ll have lots of fun when I get home.

Where I Went

A lot of you guessed it. Our destination was

…ta da…

the beach!

My pack, Toby II, Heidi, Macy and me, of course, all piled into our neighbor’s K-9 Taxi and off we went. The weather was perfect–overcast and in the mid-to-upper 60’s. And after a two-hour trip in the K-9 Taxi, I was ready to run…it’s so nice this beach is HUGE. I could stretch my legs and go full speed! Macy just saw a streak go by (I saw her shaking her head in wonder 🙂 )

I also like to cavort in the surf

You never know what you’ll find. Me? All I found was a crab leg…

I decided to dig a bit in the sand, and Toby and Heidi thought they’d ‘help’. Actually, I think they just wanted to play ‘bury Sage in the sand’.

So, I challenged Heidi to a race©©

She’s pretty spry for a Saint! But, NO ONE can catch me!

On the way home, I did something I NEVER do. I crawled up into the front seat (no, Mom wasn’t driving) and let Mom and her friend know how happy I was to have such a perfect day. Then I crawled back with my pack and went to sleep.

Blogiversary and Where Are We Going?

Today is my third blogiversary–yes, three whole years! It’s been so much fun and we’ve made a lot of new furiends. Thanks to all of you for watching me grow from a fuzzy-haired baby (where are my ears!)

Sage-10 weeks

Me at 10 weeks

to a  flop-eared, gangly youth

Sage-4 months

Me at 4 months

to what I am today…almost 4 years old!

Toby was my mentor and taught me how to be a dog. We were inseparable those first two years of my youth. I’m alone now (well, except for those kitties), but he’s always with me. 

You’ve watched me doing what I love best

and I hope you continue to visit and enjoy my adventures!

So, where are we going?

I bet you can guess!!

I’m a Little Crabby

I bet you’re wondering what that’s all about? No, it’s not because there’ve been men swarming all over the outside of my house making the loudest of rackets…how’s a girl supposed to sleep? Or big ol’ cement trucks dumping all this stuff all over my driveway. Or nothing but a lousy couple of walks per day for a few days.

It’s because we went to the beach and it was littered…I mean LITTERED…with crab parts. Shells, legs and other unmentionables.

Mom said they were Dungeness parts, whatever that means. All I know is my buddy Macy was chomping on some of those parts, so I thought I’d give it a try.

Personally, I thought rolling on them was better than chomping….

When all else fails, roll in it.

When all else fails, roll in it.

I don’t know what all that stuff was on the beach. I thought it looked like maggots, but Mom stepped on some and it dissolved. Maybe you know what it is?

And, guess what? I frolicked in the surf again and didn’t drink the salt water. Whoohoo!!

I do have to get serious for a few minutes and let you know my kitty pal, Savannah sent me a very special award! wordpress-family-awardI feel so honored that Savvy is my furriend. I keep hoping she’ll come play in the mud with me, but my kittehs say that’s not a cat thing.

AND, the Nighthawk Project sent me a couple of awards a while back (sorry I’m so slow, but mud calls…)

Thanks to all of you for your support and comments. You all deserve these awards, so please feel as honored as I do! Maybe we could have a big ol’ mud pawty!!

Patterns in the Sand

On a recent trip to the beach with my pals, Toby, Heidi and Macy, we noticed the tide was really out–further than we’ve ever seen it.

Sage ©

But since we don’t live at the beach and only visit occasionally, that doesn’t mean much. It did mean, however, that there was more beach to run on. And run we did!

There were several other dogs on the beach that day and they joined in the fun.

Further down the beach, we noticed some interesting patterns in the sand,

something we don’t usually see when we go to the beach. Called wave-formed ripple marks, they are caused by the “right kind of winds, waves and currents”. And, interestingly, there were two distinct variations of ripple marks. Not only did we have pretty patterns to look at, the sand was hard, making it easier to run.

All good things have to come to an end, so we all piled into my friend’s dogmobile for the trip home.
© sagechronicles.wordpress.comWe were a bunch of tired pooches!

Monday Mischief-More to my Beach Trip

While at the beach the other day, my buds and I had a little contest called ‘who gets the treat’. We all started out with one, but there was one unclaimed–was it mine?

It was like the game of “hot potato”, ‘cept it wasn’t hot and it wasn’t a potato, but you know what I mean.

Somehow, it got buried in the sand…maybe when we did some digging?

I don’t remember.

Must have been a ‘heat-of-the-moment’ thing.

“Just try to get it”



Toby II claimed it first…




“It’s mine now!”




Then it was my turn…







(A brief interlude in the treat game.)



What are these sand castles doing here? Are they going to seize our treat?

Brilliant move, Toby! You knew exactly how to breach those battlements. All it took was a little pee…way to go!

Treat’s all yours, Toby!




Toby did such a great job of defeating the sand castle defenders, it was unanimously decided he should get the prize.




The fog started rolling in about then. The surf was getting dimmer and dimmer.Where’d everything go?Guess it’s time to head home….